Summer Programs Photo Submission

Below are instructions for submitting your photo electronically for your Berklee student ID:

  1. The photo must be a headshot and shoulders only. Full body photos will not be accepted.
  2. The photo must be front-facing. No profiles are allowed.
  3. The photo can only include the student. No group shots are allowed.
  4. The photo cannot include any wording.
  5. The photo must be in color. Black-and-white photos will be rejected.
  6. The photo must be uploaded in .jpg format only.
  7. No hats may be worn.
  8. No sunglasses may be worn.
  9. Only a blue or white background is acceptable. Any scenic or crowd backgrounds will be rejected.
  10. Before submitting your photo, please name your photo using the last-name, first-name format, i.e., Smith, John. Failure to do so will result in photo rejection.

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