Berklee Emergency Notification System (BENS)

The Berklee Emergency Notification System (BENS) is a mass notification system that has the ability to send electronic messages to the Berklee community. When an immediate threat or major emergency occurs, or is about to occur, BENS will be used to communicate to those who may be negatively affected by the incident. This notification will allow our community to take the necessary actions to protect themselves. Depending on the nature of the incident and the resources available, the following methods are used for notifications: email, text, voice, social media, bullhorns, person-to-person communication, PAs, and intercoms.

Submit or Update BENS Contact Information

In order to submit or update your BENS data, please click the below link or follow the listed steps.

Faculty and Staff

Complete the Faculty and Staff BENS Enrollment.


  1. Go to;
  2. Click the "Log In" button on the right;

  3. Enter your user ID and password, click "Submit" button;

  4. Click the "Student" button on the right;

  5. Click "My Contact Info" within the "Check In" section; and

  6. Enter the appropriate info in the "Emergency Info" area and submit.

BENS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following are general questions regardings BENS.

How does the college define an emergency?

An emergency is when a serious crime, a natural disaster, or a man-made emergency occurs or is about to occur that poses an immediate threat to the Berklee community or its assets. Examples include, but are not limited to: an active shooter, use of a weapon, severe weather, a fire, a chemical leak, and structural damage. 

Who will send the emergency messages?

Berklee's Public Safety Department is responsible for the creation and sending of messages.

How will I be contacted in a college emergency?

All current students and employees will receive an email message to their Berklee email address. The system also has the ability to send messages to an alternate email address, as well as use text and voice. How many of these you recieve depends on what you have registered (see above).

I see a caller ID display of 617-266-1400 on my phone. Who is this?

When Berklee sends a call out using BENS, it will always display caller ID information. The number listed is Berklee's main information line. There is no need to call that number.

I am receiving text messages from 672-83 or 226-787. What number is this?

These are the primary text numbers for the BENS system. We recommend that you create and save a BENS contact profile in your phone with these numbers.

Why are emergency messages sent in more than one way?

An emergency can happen at any time and while you are in any place. Having more than one way for Berklee to contact you helps ensure that you will be sent the necessary notification and information as quickly as possible.

How do I provide my contact information? What information should I provide?

To add or update your BENS contact information, please see the above section.  

How will my contact information be used?

The information you provide will only be used for the purpose of emergency notification.

Can I provide an international/overseas telephone number for a contact?

No. Voice and text messages will only be sent to 10-digit telephone numbers within the United States. However, email messages can be sent to any valid email address. An alternative method for international contact is the Public Safety Twitter account, @BCMPublicSafety. 

Will I get the same message by telephone, text message, and email?

They will all contain the most important information and instructions. Because of length limitations, the text and phone messages will be shorter. You may incur a charge for text messages, depending on your service provider and calling plan.

Can I receive both text and voice messages on the same cell phone?

Yes. Please remember that you may incur a small charge to receive text messages, depending on your service providing/calling plan.

If I change mobile phone providers, do I need to opt in again?

No. Once your phone number has been opted in, it stays registered in the system.