Campus Security Authority: Clery Crime Report


According to the federal law known as the “Clery Act,” colleges are required to collect crime reports of certain criminal offenses. Although crimes are typically reported directly to Berklee Public Safety (BPS), some are reported to other college officials or employees. Clery designates these individuals as “Campus Security Authorities” (CSA). This form is to be used by CSAs to collect crime information reported to them.


Berklee College of Music urges all crime victims and witnesses to report criminal acts to BPS, and to report all policy violations to the appropriate office. If a serious crime causes an ongoing threat to the Berklee community, CSAs must immediately contact BPS at 617-747-8888. BPS has the responsibility to notify the community about such crimes in a timely manner so protective steps can be taken.

Reporting Criteria

  1. Report any crime or attempted crime that you observe, become aware of, or is reported to you by a victim, perpetrator, witness or third party if you believe the information is provided in good faith (not rumor or hearsay).
  2. The victim or reporting parties do not need to be affiliated with Berklee.
  3. Report all incidents motivated by bias, regardless of the type of crime that occurred.
  4. The victim or reporting party is not required to contact law enforcement and CSAs are not required or expected to investigate the crime unless authorized.
  5. If a reporting person requests anonymity, this request must be honored to the extent permitted by law.


When receiving a report of a crime, the CSA shall follow these procedures:

  1. Arrange for a private setting with the reporter (if possible) and
  2. Encourage the reporter to make the report directly to BPS so that the crime can be more effectively investigated.
    1. If the reporter decides to make a direct report, the CSA should assist by contacting BPS at 617-747-2682 or encourage the reporter to visit BPS in the basement of 155 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts, 02115.
    2. Should the reporter still prefer not to contact BPS, the CSA shall complete the below fields.

For more information, please visit or contact Andrew Murphy at 617-747-6825.

Report Information
Leave Blank If Reporting Party Is Requesting Anonymity
Incident Information
List the street address, office number, floor, area, etc.
Please provide specific information related to the reported incident.
Note: If you are unsure if a crime occurred or how to classify a crime, BPS will use the details in this form to evaluate and classify appropriately.