Natalie Haas

  • Career Highlights
    • Leader of Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas, Natalie Haas and Yann Falquet
    • Performed with Mark O'Connor's Appalachia Waltz Trio, Natalie MacMaster, Solas, Darol Anger’s Republic of Strings, Hanneke Cassel Trio, and Laura Cortese Acoustic Project
    • Recordings include Abundance, Highlander's Farewell, In the Moment, Fire and Grace, and Legacy of the Scottish Fiddle, Volume 2 with Alasdair Fraser; and Crossing Bridges with Mark O'Connor's Appalachia Waltz Trio
    • Published Homespun Tapes DVD entitled Grooves, Rhythms, and Accompaniment Techniques for Celtic Cello
  • Education
    • B.M.,  Juilliard School, cello performance

In Their Own Words

"I teach by ear, specializing in European and North American roots music, including fiddle traditions of Scotland, Ireland, Scandinavia, Spain, France, Canada, and Appalachia. I like to get inside a tradition to find out what makes it idiomatically unique, using language (left hand) and dance/groove (right hand). I also want to help make string players who are able to contribute to an ensemble on multiple levels as a melody player or as part of a rhythm or a horn section. I am interested in student-driven learning."

"I would like my students to develop a good sense of groove and an ability to shape phrases, honoring whatever tradition they are a part of while making it their own, but most of all, to sound like the best version of themselves."

"People who come to Berklee to learn are coming because they can't get what they need in a typical conservatory environment. We have such an amazingly diverse faculty in the String Department that students can come out fluent in multiple genres."

"My classical training allows me to help students with their technique and sound production; however, most of my career has been as a fiddling cellist, and I want to help other cellists and string players coming from the classical music world who are looking to delve into traditional music find a way in."