Alumni and Careers

Just as no two string players are the same, there is not just one career path open to Berklee string students. Some of the careers our string performance students and alumni have advanced include:
  • Performing/Recording Artist
  • Instrumental Soloist
  • Session Musician
  • General Business Musician
  • Orchestra/Group Member
  • Floor Show Band
  • Theater Musician
  • Church Musician
  • Product Demonstrator

String Performance Alumni

Many Berklee alumni have gone on to successful string performance careers. Below, learn about a small sample of them.

Violinist; Composer; Singer
Class of 1999 (Strings, Film Scoring)

Kishi Bashi '99 is a multitalented musician whose years at Berklee infused his music with cinematic lushness. He composes on violin, and sings and writes songs blending Japanese and English, as well as performing on guitar and keyboard. His solo albums, 151a and Lighght, demonstrated his versatility. Another, Sonderlust, due out in September 2016, continues to showcase his talent.

Cellist; Singer
Class of 2003 (Strings)

An eclectic, whimsical, inventive performer and personality, Rushad Eggleston is a cello player with a difference. Calling himself the Ambassador of Sneth and Wild Cello Goblin, Eggleston improvises in fiddle styles on the cello. Now touring the world—from Italy to Belgium and beyond—as a solo performer on cello, vocals, and kazoo, he wears a jester costume and sings in his own imaginary language.  

A native of Carmel, California, he attended Berklee on a full scholarship after winning a competition.  

Bluegrass Singer; Mandolinist
Class of 2011 (Strings)

To some musicians, fame comes early. Then there’s the rest of your career. Sierra Hull '11, who was called to the Grand Old Opry stage as an 11-year-old to play the mandolin by international star Alison Krauss, is figuring out hers.

Jazz Violinist; Composer
Class of 2003 (Strings)

Mads Tolling’s path was set at age 14 when his father gave him a Miles Davis cassette. The native of Copenhagen, Denmark, so identified with the freedom and spirit of  ‘60s jazz that he set on a path to bend his instrument, the violin, to that music. At age 20 he came to the United States to Berklee College of Music to pursue jazz studies, graduating summa cum laude in 2003.

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