David Doms

Associate Professor
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  • Career Highlights


    • B.M., Boston University
    • Composed and produced television and radio commercials for regional and national broadcast, corporate video, and film, including music for NBC and Fox
    • Published songwriter with Warner-Chappell and DSM
    • Author of Berklee Online's Sampling and Audio Production course
    • As a producer, musician, and songwriter, has appeared on numerous releases, including those of Down Avenue, Robin Lane, Charles Pettigrew (formerly of Charles and Eddie), Laurie Geltman, and Ivan DePrume


In Their Own Words

"We're talking a lot in class about using the modern tool set that's available today—software like Pro Tools or Digital Performer, the major sequencing and digital audio applications that allow you to produce work. There's a lot of work to be had in doing soundtracks, commercial work, songwriting, production. But one of the things we do in the Music Synthesis Department is talk about the core techniques in terms of finding your own sounds. There's a big tool set, but we're also looking at core ideas of how you would approach these tools."

"It's a nice spot to be in, to be able to draw back on some of the things in the analog world, some of the physical tools we've had post-World War to now, but also to have this whole digital tool set. It's pretty incredible. We've realized how crucial it is for the student to get exposed to this, even the ones who aren't synth majors. Part of what we do is to make sure those students get exposure and learn how to use what's on their laptop, which is pretty extensive."

"It's phenomenal. Today we're all very aware of the multiple styles that have emerged and fused together. It's really a fun time to be involved in teaching all this, and also seeing what the students are up to. It's about influencing them, and also having them influence us."