Program Review

Program Review Process Summary Report

The Program Evaluation & Research Group (PERG) at Endicott College designed and conducted an evaluation of the implementation and effectiveness of Berklee's Academic Program Review (APR) process.

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Academic Program Review

Berklee’s program review process asks faculty and academic leaders to assess and improve student learning by developing and/or reviewing clear expectations of what students learn at the institutional, program, and course level, and to ensure that students are meeting these learning outcomes. Academic leaders and faculty are also asked to align these outcomes with the college mission and diversity statement. The process asks, too, for academic leaders and faculty to verify learning outcomes with professional standards and external experts. The focus of the review is to improve student learning with a goal of identifying gaps and making revisions to address them. The program review process is a cyclical assessment of academic programs intended to ensure course outcomes align with program objectives. The program review process is outlined in detail on the Academic Affairs webpage.

View the report of the 2018-19 Program Review cycle.

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Study Abroad Program Review

In 2017, Berklee's Study Abroad program in Valencia, Spain was assessed using both direct and indirect measures. The program was evaluated based on how well students achieve program and course learning outcomes, and also based on enrollment, student satisfaction surveys, and course evaluation surveys. To assess student attainment of learning outcomes, four areas were chosen as key factors for evaluation: academics and student success; enrollment; student affairs, diversity, and inclusion; and career development.

View the Berklee Study Abroad in Valencia: 2017 Program Review Report.