Emotional and Spiritual Wellness

Student Wellness Promotion and Services is dedicated to supporting your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Emotional wellness is accepting and exploring who you are, enhancing your inner resources to reduce stress and maintain a positive outlook on life, and awareness and acceptance of the way that you feel. Examples include:

  • accepting yourself for who you are;
  • valuing self-exploration and improvement;
  • having a generally positive outlook;
  • taking care of yourself;
  • being willing to ask for help; and
  • recognizing and managing stressors.

Spiritual wellness is the development of the mind-body connection to foster personal growth and support mental and emotional wellness. Examples include:

  • having an overall sense of peace and wellbeing;
  • developing the mind-body connection;
  • understanding your own values and living in a way that is consistent with your values and goals;
  • feeling that you are part of a larger community;
  • recognizing that spirituality is a personal experience;
  • respecting the values and beliefs of others; and
  • seeking meaning and purpose in your life.