Research: Rethink Music Think Tank

Through its Rethink Music think tank, BerkleeICE aims to undertake research projects that ask big questions about the future of the creative industries and explore the idea of music as a catalyst for social change and innovation. We see music as more than an art form or means of entertainment; we believe it is also a tool for learning, healing, collaborating, and communicating, and for galvanizing adoption of new technologies and social trends.

These are the types of projects and "moonshots" we seek to tackle through the formation of cross-discipline research teams of students and faculty and in collaboration with industry, government, and other leading academic institutions. We seek to bring imaginative thinking into the music ecosystem and to drive conversations about the future of the music business and creative industries at large.

Rethink Music, founded by Allen Bargfrede, was created to explore and understand the changing dynamics of the music and creative industries. Rethink Music initiatives consist of research, events, and think tanks that are staged at creative hubs around the globe. The projects and events are made possible through the generous support of industry sponsors and partners. 

If you are interested in learning more about Rethink Music research projects, please contact us.

The Fair Music Project

Why is it that, despite all the technological advances, there is such a lack of transparency when it comes to the flow of money from consumer to creator? Given the rapidly changing economics of the music industry and the way that new technologies have affected the livelihoods of artists and creators, we think this is a question in need of an urgent answer. Rethink Music has released the Fair Music Report, exploring this very issue. This project kicked off in October 2014 with the generous sponsorship of Kobalt Music Group and in collaboration with the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University

See more information on the Fair Music Project and watch video highlights from an October 2, 2015 Rethink Music event:

Music + Medicine

Sync Project Logo

This project marks a partnership with Cambridge-based health innovation company the Sync Project to help accelerate the applications of music toward impacting health outcomes and sustaining a high quality of life from birth to old age.

The Music + Medicine project will focus on original research, joint course development, and an internship program available to music therapy students at Berklee.