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As a composition major, you will develop your individual compositional voice through a variety of active composing projects, alongside the study of contemporary music, orchestration, analysis, harmony, and counterpoint. Over eight semesters, while completing the college’s core music curriculum, you’ll receive opportunities to work with a diverse community of musicians, distinguished faculty, industry professionals, and world-class visiting artists.

Program Details

Composition majors study contemporary composition approaches, analysis, orchestration, harmony, counterpoint, and music history. The composition program prepares a composer to enter the contemporary music field by building strong fundamentals, developing their own individual compositional voice, and interacting with the vibrant and vast contemporary concert music field of today. Majors can choose from a variety of internationally recognized composition faculty for individual composition lessons. Most classes in the major utilize composition as a learning tool, giving students robust opportunities to develop their writing skills. While deeply knowledgeable in regard to historical trends and techniques of the 16th–21st centuries, composition faculty embrace contemporary practices and diverse styles and approaches. The student will demonstrate mastery of these skills and concepts by completing a portfolio of scores that include (but are not limited to) solo, chamber, vocal, and orchestral music. 

In addition to studying the aesthetics and craft of composition, students gain valuable professional skills by working with performers, leading rehearsals, conducting and performing new music, and producing their own performances. Students also have opportunities to gain skills as orchestrators, arrangers, conductors, and assistants. Program graduates are ready to gain entry to a graduate program in composition and pursue a career as a professional composer, orchestrator, music director, teacher, scholar, or practitioner of music composition.


Meet the Composition Department

Berklee’s Composition Department is an open-minded program providing you the opportunities to find and develop your own compositional voice.

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