Berklee College of Music Students

The Summer 2021 Experience

This summer, we are emphasizing the important in-person experiences that will allow you to thrive at Berklee, combined with remote coursework that is well suited for the modality.

Our hybrid 12-week summer semester, beginning May 24, has three guiding principles: (1) to provide you with a world-class education in music; (2) to prioritize the on-campus experiences that are central to your artistic development and collaboration with your peers; and (3) to implement a balanced approach of in-person and online learning in an effort to keep our community safe and ensure your progress toward your personal, academic, and career goals. If, for any reason, you are not able to come to campus, we will provide the option for you to conduct your studies entirely remotely.

Your Options for the Summer Semester

There are two options for the summer 2021 semester: an on-campus hybrid in Boston and a fully remote option. 

  • Boston on-campus hybrid: The hybrid on-campus model will offer a safe, flexible learning environment that includes a combination of in-person and remote instruction, small ensembles, and modified access to facilities such as studios and performance spaces. Even if all of your courses are remote, you can still get access to Berklee facilities and on-campus cocurricular and extracurricular activities by paying the comprehensive fee ($666).

  • Entirely remote: If you are taking only remote courses and do not want access to campus facilities or on-campus activities, the comprehensive fee will be waived. You will still be able to participate in virtual cocurricular and extracurricular activities, such as visiting artist events, career-related programs, and more.

Tuition-Free Summer Courses

If you were enrolled full-time or part-time in the fall 2020 semester, you have the opportunity to take advantage of tuition-free coursework that applies to your degree program requirements for the summer 2021 semester. Alternatively, you can choose to defer this tuition-free coursework to the summer 2022 semester.

Learn about tuition-free summer courses, including how they will impact your scholarships and financial aid, as well as how to apply your tuition-free credits.

International Students

International (F-1) students who wish to enroll part-time during a summer semester are required to meet F-1 eligibility for a summer vacation semester. Please review the summer 2021 F-1 enrollment requirements.

Academic Expectations



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