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All educational offerings at Berklee College of Music in Boston will be fully remote for the fall semester.

Our remote academic offerings this fall will provide a world-class learning experience while also building a strong sense of community through newly designed opportunities for collaboration, performance, and connection. Our thoughtfully designed remote curriculum maximizes the strengths of online teaching and learning, with a focus on experiential training, robust academic courses, and individualized attention and mentoring from faculty. Further, we will be providing class scheduling options designed for our international student cohorts. Students will be able to register for classes taught by faculty at our Valencia campus, which may be more appropriately timed for synchronous study for many in countries with time zones outside of North America. 

Other significant enhancements and opportunities:

  • We are temporarily adjusting our policies to allow for part-time study for entering and continuing students this fall. Students will be able to register for six to 11 credits to qualify for part-time status. Tuition and scholarships will be prorated accordingly, offering additional flexibility to those who need it. Part-time students will receive a $500 Back to Berklee Remote Learning Grant.

  • Our Fordham Road facility will open for the fall semester for students in the Boston area, with a facility fee of $300. Learn more and register for access.

Engagement Opportunities

In addition to our remote academic experience, we are offering a number of engagement opportunities for our students this fall, including the following:

  • Exclusive access to Berklee visiting artist events with renowned artists in areas ranging from performance, music business, technology, and songwriting to health and wellness, social justice, and more. Over the past few months, we have welcomed John Legend, Tank and the Bangas, Jacob Collier, Esperanza Spalding, Christian McBride, Q-Tip, and others to share their wisdom with us, and we have more exciting events lined up for the fall semester.

  • The Virtual Job and Internship Expo and employer information sessions—similar to this event from the spring semester—with many opportunities to network with our esteemed faculty and alumni communities.

  • Academic and career advisors for mentoring and guidance via remote one-on-one meetings, in addition to daily virtual walk-in appointments and on-demand professional development planning resources.

  • Remote tutoring and training options to help students master core music concepts and skills with the support and guidance of an experienced peer tutor.

  • A variety of clubs to enrich the student experience, encourage engagement outside the classroom, and provide opportunities to develop valuable leadership skills.

  • Experiential opportunities involving the BIRN, Berklee Revelation Records, FUSION, the Music Therapy Spotlight Series, the Music Business Journal, and departmental music releases.

Tuition, Increased Scholarship Support, Grants, and Free Summer Courses 

As a reminder, we have extended the billing deadline to Wednesday, August 26. View the Berklee College of Music 2020–2021 tuition and fees schedule.

We understand the challenging economic situations so many are facing as a result of the pandemic, and we have worked hard to find extensive cost savings for you so you can enroll this fall as planned, without disruption to your educational progress. As we informed you in June, we will eliminate our 3.45 percent tuition increase planned for this year and waive our comprehensive fee for students who enroll this fall. 

We will provide a one-time Back to Berklee (BTB) Remote Learning Grant of $2,500 to all full-time degree students, not to exceed tuition, to help allow investments in equipment, instruments, software, technology, space rental, or simply to offset total tuition in this fully remote semester. This represents a savings of 17 percent for college students compared to previously announced fall 2020 rates.

Additionally, those of you enrolling full-time in fall 2020 are eligible for two tuition-free credit-bearing courses (up to six credits), to be taken in the summer of 2021. We offer this additional support to give an in-person, experiential program of study to complement the remote fall experience.

  • Students who graduate in fall 2020 or spring 2021 can take these tuition-free credits beyond their degree program requirements, not including private instruction. The tuition-free credits are only available for the summer 2021 semester.
  • For continuing students, the tuition credit must be applied toward degree program requirements. 

Original fall 2020 tuition with comprehensive fee


Comprehensive fee savings


Tuition freeze savings


BTB grant savings


Two-course credit for summer 2021


Total savings



Back to Berklee Benefits


*Berklee Valencia graduate students, Contemporary Performance (Global Jazz Concentration) graduate students, Harvard/Berklee Dual Degree students, and Berklee Online students are not eligible to receive these benefits. Additionally, students with full-tuition remission or a full scholarship and/or grant will not receive these benefits, as Berklee’s policy is to award institutional aid up to the total cost of tuition.

The grant will be awarded once your fall 2020 schedule is set. The grant will be posted to your tuition bill no later than August 17. Changes between full-time and part-time enrollment will result in changes to the grant.

More information on tuition, grants, and fees for full-time, part-time, and diploma students can be found on the Student Financial Services section of our website. 

Scholarships and Financial Aid

In addition to these robust cost savings, we have increased our overall scholarship support for new and continuing students by 15 percent (over $10 million) compared to last year through expanded need-based aid for admitted students and our Thrive scholarship program, and we will honor all previously awarded College and Conservatory scholarships for the fall semester. We have also increased funding to the appeals budget for students whose families are experiencing financial difficulties, and through the generosity of current parents and families, the Board of Trustees, Berklee leadership, and community members, we have mobilized the Berklee Student Emergency Fund to help our returning students navigate this challenging time. 

Here is an overview of impact on financial aid and scholarships:

  • All College and Conservatory scholarships will be honored. Students enrolling full-time will receive their scholarship without adjustment. Students whose scholarships are already at or near full tuition may have their BTB Remote Learning Grant reduced in order to not exceed tuition charges.
  • Federal aid recipients may have lower need-based loans, and their aid package will not exceed the cost of attendance. This may result in a lower loan amount, which will reduce overall borrowing for the year.
  • Students who enroll part-time (six to 11 credits) will have their scholarship adjusted according to the scholarship proration policy.
  • If you have a full-tuition scholarship, you will not receive the BTB Remote Learning Grant on top of my full-tuition scholarship. Berklee’s policy is to award institutional aid up to the total amount of tuition. Your scholarship will still cover your tuition for fall 2020.

If you have questions about your specific situation, please contact Student Financial Services at

Course Offerings, Advising, and Registration

Please note: Only continuing and returning students register for classes. If you are entering this fall, you will receive more information about your courses in mid-August.

Registration ran from Monday, July 27 through Friday, July 31; however, you can continue to register now if you missed your assigned time. Students who had planned to spend their first year or a study abroad semester at our Valencia campus will register with all other students, since those undergraduate programs are not being offered this fall. 

Learn more about fall registration (login required).

The fall semester will start September 8, 2020, and end December 18, 2020, as planned. View the 2020–2021 academic calendar.

Part-Time Enrollment

We are making a one-time exception to our policy for the fall 2020 semester, and will allow entering and continuing undergraduate and graduate students at the College and Conservatory to enroll part-time. To qualify for part-time enrollment under this new exception, undergraduate students must enroll in between six and eleven academic credits. Twelve or more credits is considered full-time. Graduate students at the Conservatory must enroll in a minimum of three credits.

Tuition will be charged per credit, and existing scholarships will be prorated according to Berklee’s policy. Tuition will be charged at a rate of $1,615 per credit and $1,570 per credit for private instruction. Part-time enrollment may impact a student’s financial aid eligibility, visa status, and progress to degree completion. Students are strongly encouraged to contact their academic advisor, department chair, financial aid counselor, or International Student Services to evaluate the impacts of changing to a part-time enrollment status.

Please note that students who enroll in fewer than six credits are not eligible for federal loans, including the Parent PLUS loan, and will also not receive the BTB Remote Learning Grant. Other federal aid may also be reduced or canceled for students enrolling in fewer than six credits. Please contact Student Financial Services with questions.


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