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Regional Spotlights

Bob Malone '87

Bob Malone: Road Warrior

By Peter Gordon

For an indie artist, the path to lasting success is often long, built on perseverance and a commitment to the music. Exhibit A is Bob Malone ’87.


Attitude or Altitude?

By Richard Niles

I recently read an article by Bill Anschell of All About Jazz that is ironically titled Careers in Jazz. It managed the trick of being an unflinching assessment of a sacred cow and very funny.

Berklee Beat

Encore Gala Breaks Previous Fundraising Records

By Beverly Tryon

Acclaimed funk masters the Family Stone ended the evening with a high-energy dance set.
Lizz Lupton

Idol Judge in the Classroom

By Liz Lupton

Lizz Lupton
Phil Wilson

Jazz Festival Dedicated to Phil Wilson

By Mark Small

Phil Wilson Kelly Davidson
John Scofield

NPR Shares the Berklee Love Globally

John Scofield '73 Henry Hayes

Now in its second year, The Checkout—Live at Berklee brings top Berklee alumni to a New York radio and worldwide Web jazz audience,
thanks to New York’s WBGO-FM and the NPR Music website.

Final Beam Tops the 160 Building


On December 4, 2012, President Roger Brown (right) greeted members of the Berklee community who signed the last beam before it was placed atop Berklee’s new building.


Ronald Crutcher

Coda: Entrepreneurial Spirit Required

"In addition to being the president of Wheaton College in Massachusetts, I am also a professional cellist," says Ronald Crutcher.

Expert Testimony

Jim McGorman '95

Expert Testimony - Given by Jim McGorman 
to Mark Small

By Mark Small

After leaving Berklee in 1995 with a degree in music production and engineering, Jim McGorman moved to Los Angeles. Within two years, he was touring with established artists.

The Woodshed

The Woodshed: Micro-Improvisation in Traditional Irish Music

Classical musicians interpret the notes on the page very literally and limit improvisation to an occasional cadenza. Conversely, jazz musicians get their kicks from straying from the written page, using the chords as a starting point for macrolevel improvisation.

Lead Sheet

The State of the College

“It all starts with attracting the best students in the world—motivated, creative, and talented,” President Roger H. Brown said in opening his December 2012 State of the College address.


Grant Aids Creation of Berklee Archive

By Adam Renn Olenn

Sofia Becerra-Licha
Recently, Berklee received a two-year, $125,000 grant from the National Archives and Records Administration to establish a historical archive. The grant was funded through the program Documenting Democracy: Access to Historical Records Projects.

BGJI to Tour Africa

By Mary Hurley

This year, Berklee will enhance its presence in Africa. Thanks to a $200,000 grant from the U.S.

Faculty Highlights

by Mary Hurley

Donna McElroy

“My two favorites are Ray—and Donna McElroy,” says Berklee Vice President for Special Programs Rob Rose of the song’s interpreters. “Both are different. McElroy is one of the best singers I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Professor Peter Gardner’s book New Directions: Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking is in its second edition, 18th printing. It is used in 20 countries.

Professor Tiger Okoshi brought Bruno Råberg, Daniela Schächter, Mike Tucker, and Mark Walker to teach at the Hokkaido Groove Jazz  Camp in Sapporo, Japan. 

Alumni News

by Adam Renn Olenn

Ruslan Sirota

“It wasn’t until we were sitting in the seats that I realized we could actually win,” says Ruslan Sirota ’03 of his experience at the 2011 Grammy Awards.

by David Petrelli

For so many local alumni in Music City, the year 2012 was successful, inspiring, exciting, scary, and entertaining. As we look forward to all the promise of 2013, let’s recap what some alumni have been up to.

BJ Snowden of Billerica, MA, had her song “In Canada” performed by the Suspects for the soundtrack of the film The Misadventures of the Dunderheads, which aired on the Starz channel in November. 

Saxophonist Claire Daly of New York City released the CD Baritone Monk with support from the North Coast Brewing Co. All proceeds will benefit the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz.  Daly has also been touring with her quartet and keeping a busy teaching schedule.