Your Alumni Account

An alumni account gives you access to exclusive and Berklee Hub content, the Berklee Career Manager, and transcript requests.

Get Started

1. Create your alumni account.

All Berklee alumni are eligible for an alumni account. Create your account by answering a few simple questions.

  • Due to the holidays, the automated account creation process can take up to 4 business days. If you need an account for a transcript that is due imminently, please contact our office directly at 617-747-2012.
2. Set your password.

After you submit the account request form, you will receive an email with the subject line "Invitation to OneLogin from Berklee College of Music." Use the link in the email to set your password.

3. Access your resources.

Go to Be sure to use the full email address that you used to fill out the form in step one and the new password that you created in step two. Once logged in, resources such as transcript requests and the Berklee Career Manager will be accessible.

Having Technical Issues?

Scroll down for an account FAQ, or fill out this form to request help using your alumni account.

Frequently Asked Questions