Student Support

All students at Berklee College of Music should have the necessary supports—inside and outside of the classroom—to fully realize their musical, academic, and personal potential. There are a number of resources within Berklee to ensure that this level of support is available to all students.

Hear a student discuss Berklee's supportive community in the video below:

  • Berklee Office of Student Success Office of Student Success

    Every year, students graduate from Berklee ready to pursue careers in music and to succeed in their field. Along the path, students may face challenges associated with college life. The Office of Student Success assists students in making connections with campus resources and provides coaching strategies for having a positive experience at Berklee.

  • Berklee Counseling and Advising Center Counseling and Advising Center

    Berklee students are never alone. Any student at Berklee—including first-year students, international students, and students with disabilities—can take advantage of the Counseling and Advising Center’s support services, which include academic advising and personal counseling.

  • Peer Advising at Berklee Peer Advising

    We know that entering students have a lot to figure out. The Peer Advising program helps new students get academically and socially orientated by pairing them with both a peer advisor and a faculty advisor. Get to know Berklee and the city of Boston and learn more about our community and resources from some of the many friendly faces at Berklee.

  • International Advising at Berklee International Advising

    For international students, adjusting to life in the U.S. can present challenges. The Counseling and Advising Center’s (CAC) international advising program helps international students overcome those challenges. Whether you are concerned about maintaining your F-1 status, your I-20 and your visa stamp, or whether you just need help adapting to life in a new country, the CAC is here to help.

  • Learning Center at Berklee Learning Center

    A Berklee education comes complete with access to the latest resources, software, facilities, and training techniques. The Learning Center at Berklee is equipped with iMac computer workstations outfitted with tools for music sequencing, notation, multimedia production, and much more. Students are encouraged to take advantage of regular tutorials at the Learning Center to build their set of skills.


  • Berklee Library/Media Center Library/Media Center

    Whether you’re looking for lead sheets, hard-to-find recordings, or a back issue of a music publication, Berklee’s Stan Gets Library has a wealth of print and electronic resources and Berklee librarians are ready to help students find what they need to make the most of their music education.

  • Berklee Writing Center Writing Center

    Be it a class assignment, a scholarship application, an internship application, a grant, a webpage, or a graduate school application, the Berklee Center for Writing and English as a Second Language can assist students in making their writing its best. The Center is also a home for tutoring in English as a Second Language and many other courses.


  • Berklee Parent Office Parent Office

    Sending your child to college is a big step for any family. At Berklee, parents are considered an integral part of the community, and those who wish to get involved are invited to join the Berklee Parents’ Association, which works closely with Berklee’s Parent Office.


  • Berklee Office for Diversity and Inclusion Office for Diversity and Inclusion

    An essential part of a Berklee education is gaining an appreciation of the rich variety and interdependence of the cultural traditions from which the music they study originates. We must be a community in which every member’s voice is valued and respected.