Kathleen Flynn

Associate Professor
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  • Career Highlights
    • Member of Ensemble Poema and Vilas Baroque
    • Performances at Chicago Opera Theater, National Arts Center of Ottawa, BAM, the Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall, and Alice Tully Hall
    • Recordings include Samuel Barber and Russian Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Education
    • D.M.A., Stonybrook University
    • J.O.C./M.A., Juilliard School
    • Diploma, University of Toronto
    • B.M., Dalhousie University

In Their Own Words

"Technique is being able to sing freely and with ease, so that your body can really obey your artistic ideas. What goes into that is a lot of study, a lot of rigorous and occasionally tedious repetition of exercises, so they become muscle memory, so that when you're in a performance, you're not thinking, Is my jaw tight? Is my tongue loose enough? Are my ribs expanded? You're only thinking about communicating with your audience."

"The Elements of Vocal Technique class is half lecture and half master class. Several people per class will get up and perform for the class, and then we work on technical issues that they have. Today, we looked at the larynx, so they have a better idea of what is physically going on with their instrument. It's much easier to see with an instrument outside of yourself. But when the instrument is you, it's so important to really understand the fundamentals, so that you can keep healthy and have a long career."

"I am a classical singer. There's something about opera that is just addictive. I think that it's really a combination of collaborating with an orchestra, other singers, directors, conductors and being onstage in costume. It's really exciting."

"One of the things that I was excited to find in Berklee's Voice Department is that they really want students to have a basic knowledge of classical bel canto singing. 'Bel canto' simply means 'beautiful singing' in Italian, but it encompasses an aesthetic of singing with your whole voice, with singing legato and with as much voice and vowel as you can. I think that can be translated into many styles and many genres. It's a really lovely, basic, healthy concept of singing."