Anne Peckham

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Anne Peckham is a singer, voice teacher, and author whose work has influenced popular singing pedagogy worldwide. A professor in the Voice Departmen, she teaches private voice lessons and develops curricular materials for Elements of Vocal Technique, a required course for all vocal students. Her work at the college, which has included Berklee's Musical Theater Workshop and the Berklee Concert Choir, has helped enrich the musical experience of hundreds of students over the years.

Peckham has traveled extensively as a voice clinician and adjudicator for song and choral festivals in North America, Mexico, and Europe. Her master classes and vocal pedagogy seminars for students and teachers embrace the foundations of good vocal technique while building skills in rock, jazz, pop, and R&B music. She is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing and served as vice president on the Boston chapter's board of directors.

Peckham sang with the Tanglewood Festival Chorus for four years, performing on two recordings with the Boston Pops, including a featured solo in their Gilbert and Sullivan presentation that aired on PBS. She has performed with regional theater companies, worked as a professional soloist with area church choirs, and performs frequently in recital and cabaret venues. She has appeared on the reality series Trial by Choir (2006 on the Learning Channel) and the children's television show Fetch (2007), and is the author of Vocal Workouts for the Contemporary Singer, The Contemporary Singer: Elements of Vocal Technique, Berklee in the Pocket: Singer's Handbook, and the instructional DVD Vocal Technique: Developing Your Voice for Performance.

  • Career Highlights
    • Performer, vocal instructor, clinician, choral director, and specialist in musical theater
    • Member of the board of Boston chapter of National Association of Teachers of Singing and American Choral Directors Association
    • Adjudicator for choral festivals
    • Performances with the Tanglewood Festival Chorus
    • Author of Vocal Workouts for the Contemporary SingerThe Contemporary Singer: Elements of Vocal TechniqueBerklee in the Pocket: Singer's Handbook, and the instructional DVD Vocal Technique: Developing Your Voice for Performance
  • Education
    • B.M., Butler University
    • M.M., University of Tennessee

In Their Own Words

"I teach vocal technique to singers who are interested in all styles of music. The people who come to me usually have a well-established personal sound, and my job is to help them fine-tune the craft of singing. I think it's hard for students to find somebody who teaches technique and who's open to teaching students who aren't interested in classical music. That's where I fit into the voice pedagogy puzzle. I'm very interested in all kinds of contemporary, commercial music, and so that's what I do. I help pop singers, rock singers, jazz singers, R&B singers, gospel singers—anybody who is interested in improving their voice or aspects of their vocal technique."

"I want students to know that they can sing in a healthy manner in the style of music that they love. It's not like making cookie-cutter singers where everybody has a certain quality of tone or a certain sound to their voice; you can sound like yourself and still use vocal technique. Technique really has to be habituated so that it's almost invisible to the naked eye. That way, you're watching the singer perform, be expressive, and be him- or herself, while technique is the underpinning that's allowing the singer to sing freely, but with good stamina and good intonation."

"There is more of a hearty and wholesale acceptance of the individual and the individual's interest in music at Berklee than almost anywhere else. Berklee is a place where students can come and sing the music that they love. Teachers in the Voice Department are really open to working with students who want to sing the types of music that wouldn't be accepted elsewhere. Whether it's music they have written or pop and R&B music, students will find a home in Berklee's Voice Department in a way that they wouldn't find it at any other college of music."