Allen LeVines

  • Career Highlights
    • Compositions performed by numerous ensembles including ALEA III, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, and Portland, Maine, String Quartet
    • Recordings on Arabesque Records
    • Recipient of Charles Ives Scholarship
    • Recipient of Leonard Bernstein Fellowship
  • Awards
    • Recipient of American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters Award
  • Education
    • B.M., Stetson University
    • M.A., University of Pennsylvania

In Their Own Words

"I try to help students become aware of how much there is out there in any given field. In the orchestration courses I teach, I have a listening list, and students take an exam based on that listening list at some point during the semester. The list is long; it might be a hundred pieces or more. I don't really expect them to know all hundred pieces in one semester, but nonetheless, any one of those pieces can end up on the test. There is a sense in which it is asking too much—to be able to identify any of the pieces from 30-second excerpts."

"On the other hand, if students take the assignment seriously and listen to half a dozen to a dozen pieces a day—just getting to know some of the themes in the piece—perhaps they will realize what they may have thought was a lake of music is really an ocean, or several oceans. Music is a vast universe. This realization can be overwhelming, but it can also be completely exhilarating."

"If students come into my courses without an insatiable curiosity for music, I hope that they leave with it. I had a teacher instill that in me when I was a student, and it's made all the difference. It's the way I live my life. I have an intense desire to find out about music I do not know, to read books I have not read, to discover places I have not been."