Students from MusicLab in Ecuador Attend Berklee Summer Program on Scholarships

Margot Edwards
August 1, 2019
Press release

Three teens attending Aspire: Five Week Music Performance Intensive are the first to come to Boston from Quito's MusicLab, led by Esteban Molina '93. 

Left to right: Alfredo Corral, Isabela del Pozo, and Luciana Vivanco
Image by Axel Wolf

Three musicians from Ecuador are among more than 1,000 teens taking their musicianship to the next level at Berklee’s Aspire: Five-Week Music Performance Intensive, which runs through August 9. Seventeen-year-old vocalists Alfredo Corral and Isabela del Pozo and 16-year-old drummer Luciana Valdivieso Vivanco are the first students from MusicLab in Quito to receive full scholarships to attend the Berklee program.  

MusicLab, led by Berklee alumnus Esteban Molina ‘93, is the first Berklee City Music Global Network partner, delivering the PULSE curriculum to its students. Berklee City Music is a program that enables youth from underserved communities to develop musically, academically, socially, and emotionally through the study of contemporary music. 

All three recipients are grateful for the recognition and agree that the scholarship has made a meaningful impact on them. “I need to give a big thanks to Berklee City Music because they gave us the chance to come to the best college of music in the world and follow our dreams,” said Corral. “We have an opportunity that is so special to us, and we are enjoying every second here, learning with the best people.”

“The most important thing I have learned during the Five-Week program so far is that I don’t need to compare myself to other people. Everyone has a unique voice and a special talent,” said del Pozo. “Instead, I’m focusing more on my instrument and how to become a better vocalist every day with everything I’m learning here at Berklee.”

“There is always a chance to keep improving, no matter what style you play or your skill level. You can always learn something from everybody, and we should take advantage of that,” added Vivanco. “The program is helping me to understand my instrument better, and teaching me how to work with people and what it takes to create a project and make it work.”     

Six additional students from MusicLab will receive scholarships to attend Aspire: Five Week Music Performance Intensive next summer.

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