Berklee City Music Network is a consortium of 46 community organizations across the United States, Canada, and Latin America committed to delivering high-quality contemporary music instruction to youth from underserved communities.

The network consists of out-of-schooltime programs that receive access to the Berklee PULSE Music Method, as well as other resources and support from Berklee College of Music. 

  • Five adult panelists sit in white chairs facing an audience (not pictured)

    Meet the Network

    Meet the 40+ community organizations who make up our network.

  • Fourteen young student vocalists stand in a semi-circle, looking towards their choir director while singing on the Berklee Performance Center stage - students wear a variation of jeans and light colored tops. A bright light blue light shines past a student's face.

    Join the Network

    We invite you to apply to join the network through our online application.

  • A bald-headed man with a blue t-shirt on holds a microphone facing an un-pictured audience, sitting next to a curly-haired student with a red sweatshirt on reading: "Berklee" -- both sit in front of laptops.

    Berklee City Music Summit

    The Berklee City Music Summit is an annual event welcoming educators, administrators, and students to come together to learn new techniques from professionals and performance opportunities.