City Music Network

Berklee City Music Network® is a consortium of over 40 community organizations across the United States and Canada committed to delivering high-quality contemporary music instruction to youth from underserved communities.

The network consists of out-of-schooltime programs that receive access to the Berklee PULSE Music Method®, as well as other resources and support from Berklee College of Music. 

Sights and Sounds

Student Profiles

Brittany Butler

"I've been involved with Berklee now for half of my life, and it's helped to shape me into the performer and artist I am today."

Christoff Glaude

"I want to study music business in college and then after college work my way [up] in the music industry"

Laura Padilla

"My first real experience with City Music was when I came to my first Five Week Summer Performance Program in 2009. That's when I definitely knew that I needed to attend Berklee no matter what."

Madison Avery Denbrock

"I first got involved with Berklee City Music in the summer of my sophomore year of high school when I decided to join Phoenix Conservatory of Music."