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Thank you for your interest in the Berklee City Music Network. At this time in the academic year we will only be accepting new associate network members. If you submit an application to be considered for a full network member, our staff will contact you once we resume the process. In the meantime, please contact us with any questions.

If your organization meets the criteria below, we invite you to apply to join the network through our online application:

Join the network

BCMN site The Music Settlement in Cleveland, OH

An organization is eligible to become a member of the Berklee City Music Network based upon Berklee’s satisfactory review of the following criteria:

  • Its mission reflects a commitment to providing opportunities and means of creating social value with music resources along with a demonstrated commitment to an underserved youth audience.
  • The organization has a clearly articulated commitment to contemporary music education.
  • The organization is well-established and favorably regarded in its community for the quality of its programs.
  • The organization can demonstrate fiscal strength, that it has the resources to offer the member program over an extended period, and that it can raise support for the member program within its community.
  • Management and staff direct and support the operation of the member program in a professional and effective manner and with ethical practices in all relationships.
  • Students include a target population of at-risk middle and/or high school students primarily interested in contemporary music, with a significant number of participants from recognized minority groups.
  • Instructional facilities are suitable for the purpose, in a suitable location, and well-maintained. Facilities should be located in a section of the community that is easily accessible by the target student population and should be established at this location for a sufficient period of time. 
  • The organization commits to offering the Berklee PULSE music method at no cost to its participating students.
  • The organization commits to employing teachers for the member program that are certifiable as instructors of the Berklee PULSE music method.
  • The demographics and population of the organization’s region is sufficient to support a new Berklee City Music Network, in order not to compete with or otherwise disadvantage existing Berklee City Music Network members.

Questions? Contact the assistant dean for education outreach at