Retirement Readiness

Getting Ready to Retire: Retirement Advisors Are Ready to Help

For many people, preparing for the transition to retirement brings more questions than answers. Fortunately, you have access to a team of retirement specialists at Transamerica who can help you navigate the often-winding road to retirement. 

For free, unbiased assistance, call 866-616-4191, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. EST.

Personal Retirement Benefit Reports

Quarterly Retirement Benefit Estimates

If you are a member of both the defined benefit retirement plan and the 403(b) plan at Transamerica, your quarterly statement from Transamerica includes an estimate of future income from both plans. You no longer have to wait for an annual report from Berklee. If you are a member of the defined benefit retirement plan only, you receive a defined benefit-only report from Transamerica each spring.

Note about Social Security: These reports from Transamerica do not include estimates of Social Security benefits. For estimates of your Social Security benefits, visit

Ad Hoc or Customized Retirement Benefit Estimates

You may obtain ad hoc or customized retirement benefit estimates at any time by either method outlined below. Customized estimates can reflect assumptions you define. These assumptions include:

  • future changes in your pay;

  • your retirement date; or

  • age of named survivor, if any, for survivor annuity.

Method 1: Use the self-service calculator at

Method 2: Call Transamerica by phone.

  • Step 1: Call the college’s defined benefit pension plan administrator, Transamerica (formerly known as Diversified Retirement Corporation), at 1-800-755-5801.

  • Step 2: Ask the customer service representative to transfer you to the defined benefit pension department. 

  • Step 3: Pension department representatives will spend as much time with you as you require. Therefore, the initial hold time to reach them may be seven to 10 minutes.