Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a prepaid and confidential benefit that provides referrals for life services as well as counseling services to employees of Berklee and their household members.

Does It Cost Me Anything?

No. The EAP is a free service to you and your household members.

Who Provides the EAP?

EAP services are provided through E4 Health, a company that provides the highest quality of services to employees in higher education and many other businesses and industries. The EAP staff comprises master’s level clinicians who respond quickly to your needs in a caring, respectful, and confidential manner.

Why Would I Use the EAP?

People seek EAP services for work/life concerns that are presenting barriers to their health and well-being, including stress, legal, or financial challenges, relationship difficulties, parent-child worries, workplace issues, trauma, substance abuse, domestic violence, or emotional distress.

Available Services

Are These Services Confidential?

Yes. No one will know you use the EAP unless you tell him or her. Information you discuss with an EAP counselor remains private unless you sign a release of information form permitting the EAP to contact a specific person.

How Do I Contact the EAP?

Log on (see credentials below) to access the savings center, legal and financial resource center, articles, FREE webinars, searchable databases , monthly newsletters and more. 

  • Username: Berklee College of Music
  • Password: guest

You can also call 800-828-6025 and speak directly with a counselor.