Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a prepaid benefit that provides referral and short-term counseling services to employees of Berklee College of Music and their household members.

Does it cost me anything?

No. The EAP is a free service to you and your household members.

Who provides the EAP?

EAP services are provided through the LifeScope, which has been offering help to employees working in a wide range of industries since 1984. The EAP staff is comprised of licensed counselors who respond quickly to your request for help in a caring, respectful, and confidential manner.

Why would I use the EAP?

People seek EAP services for work/life concerns that are presenting barriers to their health and well-being, including stress, legal or financial challenges, relationship difficulties, parent-child worries, workplace issues, trauma, substance abuse, domestic violence, or emotional distress.

Available Services

  • Personal counseling: Up to five confidential, face-to-face counseling sessions are available to you and your household members per issue, per year at no cost.
  • Personal legal and estate-planning consultation: If you find you need personal legal services, the EAP can put you in touch with an attorney for a telephone consultation of up to 30 minutes at no cost to you. For more complex situations, the EAP can refer you to an attorney for face-to-face consultations. In these instances, you will be entitled to a 25 percent reduction in your legal fees.
  • Budget and debt consultation: If you are faced with budget and/or debt problems, the EAP will refer you to a nonprofit agency, American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC), and will pay the enrollment fee for this service. ACCC has extensive experience in helping people create budget plans and providing advice about handling debt.
  • Personal financial consultation: If you would like to talk with a financial professional (CPA, CFP) regarding retirement planning/analysis, tax planning/preparation, refinancing, college funding, elder-care issues, asset allocation, or insurance products, call the EAP to schedule a free phone appointment.
  • New parent transition program: The EAP provides confidential telephonic or email counseling sessions with a family management coach. The coach works with the client to craft a family/life plan that will ease his or her transition back to work.
  • Wellness work/life referrals: The EAP provides referrals, skilled guidance, and research tools to help you and your family with important life events like locating child care and/or elder care, adoption, special needs, locating pet care, college preparation and planning, relocation services, and balancing work and family.

In addition, articles, tip sheets, videos, health appraisals, wellness assessments, financial calculators, and quick reference links can be found at www.LifeScopeEAP.com. You may log in with username berklee college of music and the password guest.

Are these services confidential?

Yes. No one will know you use the EAP unless you tell him or her. Information you discuss with an EAP counselor remains private unless you sign a release of information form permitting the EAP to contact a specific person.

How do I contact the EAP?

Just call 1-800-828-6025.