Move-In, Move-Out, and Breaks

Important Dates

Spring 2021 Semester Move-In  January 15–16, 2021 (assigned time blocks)
Spring 2021 Semester Closing May 8, 2021, at 12:00 p.m.

Spring 2021 Move-In 

Students will be assigned a move-in date and time on either January 15 or January 16, 2021. All students confirmed for on-campus housing received this information in an email sent to their Berklee email address. Students will receive their on-campus housing assignments before December 23, 2020. All students and guests are responsible for following the expectations detailed below. 

Pre-Arrival To-Do List

Prior to move-in, please complete the following tasks: 

  1. Register your guest. Students living in the residence halls will be permitted to have one guest help them move in. This guest must be pre-registered and will receive a guest pass during check-in.

  2. A pre-arrival quarantine is required. We ask students and their guest to quarantine for 10 days prior to your arrival on campus. This doesn’t mean that you have to be in Boston for 10 days prior to your arrival, but it does mean that you should quarantine in your home for 10 days up until your travel to campus.

  3. Monitor your symptoms. If students (or their registered guests) have any symptoms of COVID-19 or have had close contact with someone who has been recently diagnosed, we ask that you notify us so that we can delay your arrival on campus.

  4. Complete online training. In the coming weeks, students will receive a link to an online training that must be completed prior to arrival. Students will also be asked to sign the campus social compact that details campus-wide behavioral expectations. 

  5. Pack a "go bag." Before students arrive on campus, we highly recommend that they pack a go bag that has everything they would need should they have to go into isolation. Students will have only one hour after receiving notification of a positive diagnosis to move into the isolation building and will only be able to take what they can carry in one trip.

  6. Rent a microfridge. We highly encourage all students to rent a microfridge through New England Student Services to ensure that they are able to store meals properly.

  7. Select your meal type. All students must fill out this form to indicate their meal type during their initial quarantine.

  8. Submit your photo for your ID card (login required). Submit your photo so we can have your ID ready for your arrival.

  9. Please avoid sending mail to campus that you will need prior to the start of classes. You will not have access to the mailroom right away because you will be in quarantine, so we ask that you delay any mailings until classes begin.

Important Financial Information

If you are no longer planning to attend the spring semester, you must email our office at by December 19, or you will owe 10 percent of the housing charge.

Please see the housing refund dates to assess the implications of cancelling at a later date.