Students for Berklee

Students for Berklee volunteers
Students for Berklee volunteers spread the word about alumni giving on campus.
Sydney Dorin '15

Students for Berklee is a student-led group that promotes awareness of the Berklee Fund and the role it plays in Berklee's past, present, and future. We’re a group of students committed to helping other students and getting them involved in the culture of giving. We encourage our fellow students to ask questions and participate in a conversation about higher education funding, the necessity of fundraising, and the importance of philanthropy.

Are you interested in joining our efforts on campus? 

Contact Maria Wadman '17 or Sam Draper '17, co-founders of Students for Berklee, at

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Check out what current student Nathan Drube '16 is doing to support the Berklee Fund and pay forward one of the best experiences of his life.