Madison Avery Denbrock

Madison Avery Denbrock is a singer and guitar player from Berklee City Music Network site Phoenix Conservatory of Music. This past summer she participated in the Berklee Five-Week Summer Performance Program on a City Music Summer Scholarship, and was featured in the Vocal Jazz Ensemble at the annual Berklee City Music Scholarship Concert. Madison is currently in her first semester at Scottsdale Community College with the dream of attending Berklee in the Fall of 2015.
When did you first get involved with Berklee City Music?
I first got involved with Berklee City Music in the summer of my sophomore year of high school when I decided to join Phoenix Conservatory of Music (PCM). PCM uses PULSE to teach theory, so I quickly became aware of what Berklee City Music was and have been working towards getting to Berklee ever since.  
How did your experience at Phoenix Conservatory of Music help prepare you for 5-Week?
Not only did Phoenix Conservatory of Music teach me everything I know about theory, but they also gave me a band and a stage to perform with every Saturday. I’ve found that PCM has mimicked five week in a way that we get A LOT of knowledge about theory and the music industry, but most importantly we play and create music. 
What is your favorite City Music experience?
This may seem weird…but my favorite memory was when I was running back and fourth between my performances in the final week of Five Week. My performances were scheduled for the same day, and I kind of got a rush out of performing all of the songs my bands and I have been working so hard at for the past 4 weeks!
What are your goals for the future?
My goals for the future are to study professional music with an emphasis in songwriting at Berklee. While I’m there I would like to gain contacts and become relevant in the songwriting industry,  I would like to create a band and tour, and I would also like to gain a bigger following on my YouTube channel, where I video blog about my experience as an aspiring musician in college!