Karen Carr

Class of 
Assistant Professor
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  • Career Highlights
    • Vocalist with Boston group Beantown
    • Performances with Eddie Money, Ruth Pointer (of the Pointer Sisters), and the Beloved Few
    • Recordings include Cracked Country Christmas with Robert Ellis Orrall on Warner/Giant, the Beloved Few's Wire/Lemon Millennium with David Stefanelli, and Robert Holmes' 'Til Tuesday
    • Hundreds of national and local radio and television jingles, including lead vocals for The Joan Rivers Show theme song
  • Education
    • B.M., Berklee College of Music

In Their Own Words

"Singing is one of the joys of my life. As a performer and teacher, it's my goal that my students learn the importance of a strong technical foundation, along with expression and individuality. When students understand the combination of technique and creativity, it enables them to become the singers they aspire to be."

"Sharing my musical experiences, whether on stage or in the studio, with my students gives them a more tangible insight to the industry. I find that they embrace my musical experiences and, in turn, they can visualize the goal of becoming a true professional, because they know that goal is in reach."

"I always tell students I'm not here to change them. I'm just here to introduce them to new styles, so when they go into a recording studio or an audition, they're ready. You never know where your musical path is going to lead you, so preparation is key. Know how to count off your tunes, know the keys you're singing in, get a songbook together of all the songs that you sing great in different styles. So when you go out into the world, you can present yourself professionally. I want my students to work when they get out of here."

"In fact, in the past, I've referred several students for gigs. They did the work and were prepared; I just gave them the opportunity. And I'm happy to say that the outcomes were positive. The same thing happened to me when I was a sophomore here. Because of my versatility, dedication, and professionalism, my private instructor referred me for a high profile gig here in Boston, which I ultimately got, and have been singing professionally ever since. These are the experiences I want to pass on to my students."