PODCAST: Taylor Davis

Kimberly Ashton
November 22, 2016
Taylor Davis
Courtesy of the artist

Since launching her YouTube channel in 2010, American violinist Taylor Davis has exploded in popularity. Her channel has earned a combined 170 million views and more than a million and a half subscriptions. 

Davis gained traction online with her violin covers of film and video game music, laying the ground for her many full-length game, anime, and film-themed albums. She added to this discography a full-length Christmas album, a 2015 eponymous original album which debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard Classical Albums chart, and a second original album, Odyssey, released this year. 

As the last stop on her 2016 tour, in which she traversed much of Europe, Davis will play at Berklee’s Red Room at Cafe 939 on Monday, December 5, 2016. Let’s take a listen to one of her many YouTube hits; off her 2015 album, here’s Taylor Davis with “Nebulous.”