For Bands/Artists

Advancing Your Show

Please advance your show no later than two to three weeks prior to its date. Contact the Red Room at Cafe 939 and submit your stage plot and input list. If you do not have a stage plot, please request a form from us. It is only to your advantage to do so and will take just a few minutes to create. We require this to produce the best show possible. An advance sheet will be sent to you.

Comp Tickets/Hospitality

These items are negotiated between you and your talent buyer upon confirmation. They will be listed in your contract/agreement. Please review this portion of your contract/agreement before you arrive at the venue. Your guest list for comp tickets needs to be approved by the venue manager and needs to be submitted to the house manager two hours before the box office opens. Press will be given press passes with credentials. Once your show is confirmed with us, you cannot play a show within a 40-mile radius three weeks prior to and two weeks after your show at the Red Room at Cafe 939. Fax or email us a signed W-9 form (see at least two weeks before the date of your show. We need this in order to pay you. Checks will not be ready on the day of the show if we have not received your W-9 by the two-week deadline. If you have a door deal, you will receive a live check on the night of the show. No cash will be distributed.


We will issue you a Red Room at Cafe 939 artist contract/agreement. Sign and return it via email or fax it to 617-747-6144. If you have a contract and/or rider, send it to us and we will sign it and return it to you. There may be some rider requests that we cannot accommodate and that are not negotiable. The venue never covers parking, transportation, or hotel accommodations. Park your vehicle in a legal parking space or garage. The Red Room at Cafe 939 is not responsible for any lost/stolen belongings inside or outside of the venue.


Once an event is confirmed, you will be hearing from one of the Red Room at Cafe 939's promotion and marketing assistants. We ask that artists update their websites and all social media networks. An event will be created by the venue on the Red Room at Cafe 939’s Facebook fan page, and artists can request to become administrators for their events. Please submit a brief bio and a hi-res photo (at least 1800×1800 pixels) to talent buyers upon performance confirmation to ensure inclusion in venue promotional materials. You may also wish to include other promotional materials, such as a video that you would like to suggest may appear with online event listings. Understand that Berklee may edit your bio for length or content and/or resize your photo, and the college reserves the right to exercise its editorial discretion in promoting your show on, college newsletters, and all other outlets.

Our team will create a flyer unless you send us a digital file, and we are happy to put them up around the Berklee campus.  When promoting your show at the Red Room at Cafe 939, please honor the city’s laws for posting bills and flyers. Berklee is not responsible for and will not pay fines associated with illegal flyer postings. It is important to respect our beloved city and keep it clean and beautiful.

We are excited to do our part, but we also need your help in reaching the public. Help us help you have a successful, well-attended show. For promotional assistance, please contact Susan Scotti, associate director of marketing and communications at


All confirmed shows must advance with the production manager no less than two weeks before the show date. If you haven't heard from us by then, that means we don't have your correct contact information. Please contact

For more production information, see the