PODCAST: Clay Cook Balances Zac Brown Band with Solo Career

Chandler Dalton and Kimberly Ashton
April 24, 2018
Clay Cook '98

As both the guitarist for the Zac Brown Band and an independent acoustic singer-songwriter, Atlanta-based Berklee alumnus Clay Cook '98 balances a fast-paced life as a member of the Grammy-winning group with time to write his own music.

Writing and performing have been constant in Cook’s life, since he first picked up the guitar at age 7. He later came to Berklee to study the instrument, and met John Mayer, who would become a bandmate. Since then, Cook has engineered and produced albums for various artists, including Georgia’s own Gareth Asher and the Earthlings. He’s also cultivated a solo career that has produced three full-length albums, including Unobstructed View, which was released last November.

In this episode of Sounds of Berklee, we listen to the album’s title track, an acoustic tune that imparts an intimate tone. Clay Cook will be performing at Red Room at Cafe 939 on April 28. 

Produced by Chandler Dalton and Kimberly Ashton
Engineered by Tony Brown