NPR: Jazz Night in America - Danilo Pérez

Sophie Maricq
March 17, 2016
Danilo Pérez performing at the PJF in January 2016
National Public Radio’s Jazz Night in America team came to Panama this past January for the spectacle of the annual Panama Jazz Festival, founded by Berklee alumni Danilo Pérez and Patricia Zarate. The resulting episode, "Danilo Pérez: A Man, a Plan, and a Canal," began airing on March 17. 
Jazz Night in America is a one-hour radio magazine program that takes listeners into the worlds of the leading practicioners making the music today. You hear their music, and learn who they are. The program is heard on 185 NPR affiliate stations nationwide, and on Sirius XM Radio. Check your local NPR station for listings, or check out the episode online.  
The NPR program description states: "Stateside, Danilo Pérez is a highly respected pianist in the jazz world. In his homeland of Panama, he's a national icon, and not just for his artistry: He sees jazz as a vehicle for social change. The Panama Jazz Festival he founded, for instance, doesn't just feature major international acts—it brings students from all sorts of backgrounds to share the stage. Jazz Night In America goes to Panama City to take in festival performances by Pérez, John Patitucci, and a rising star violinist named Joshue Ashby, and finds out how music can change lives in Panama."