Where We Go

The Berklee Global Jazz Institute travels to local and international festivals and concerts, and provides community outreach on a local and global level. Local work in Massachusetts includes visits to correctional facilities, nursing homes, orphanages, psychiatric hospitals, and children's hospitals, among other places.

Here are some glimpses of the BGJI's travel experiences.


"This visit to the Valencia campus has been extremely positive for the students from the BGJI who had the chance to enjoy the great facilities and to collaborate with Valencia students in recording sessions, jam sessions, and private lessons. They fell in love with the experience, the city, and the campus."
— BGJI alumnus Sergio Martinez, percussion, Spain. He is continuing his studies in the contemporary performance graduate program in Valencia, Spain and received a BGJI assistantship to explore collaborations between the BGJI and Berklee's Valencia campus.

Watch a video capturing part of the BGJI's visit to the Valencia campus in March 2014. 


The Berklee Global Jazz Institute (BGJI) will travel to Panama this August to hold clinics at the Danilo Pérez Foundation, and performances at the Danilo Pérez Jazz Club. They will also participate in the 3rd Central American Percussion Festival on August 30.

Back row, from left: Anthony Fung, Seungho Jang, Jerry Leake, and Mao Sone. Foreground: Ga Young Bae, Marco Pignataro 


"I am very thankful for so many learning opportunities, that I’ve been given in the institute. Being part of the Berklee Global Jazz community has taught me a lot about humanity and to value others around me. It's taught me the principle of giving as a way to broaden our knowledge, and a way to say thank you to the higher power. It's encouraged self-improvement, and working on oneself as a tool for the betterment of our society."

— Witness Matlou, piano, South Africa

BGJI ambassadors perform at the home of the late poet, Pablo Neruda, in Isla Negra, Chile.

Dominican Republic

"This trip was very unique and powerful. We started off the day by heading to Hogar Immanuel in Cangrejo, Puerto Plata, a center for disadvantaged kids with severe disabilities. This was a moment that I’ll never forget for the rest of my life. It wasn’t until Jorge began engaging the kids with music and rhythms that there was a huge and noticeable difference in their faces. Throughout playing, some were dancing, and others smiling and moving to the music. Music is such a universal language that can reach anyone, despite physical and mental disabilities. I will take it with me forever."

— Paul Melhus, saxophone, United States

Watch a video of a BGJI performance in the Dominican Republic.


"The Africa trip of May 2014 was a true adventure. There were a lot of moments and a lot more proofs in my opinion, of how strong music can be in bringing people closer together. A visit to the market became a musical party when we, the “tourists,” became one with the “sellers” who just moments ago were arguing with us about a price. Another example can be found closer to home, since within our own BGJI group, every player was from a different country and culture, but we were all able to unite together and became one strong team on one important mission."

— Lihi Haruvi, Israel, Saxophone

Watch BGJI students and faculty talk about their trip to West Africa in 2014:

See highlights from the 2013 BGJI trip to West Africa:

United States

The Berklee Global Jazz Institute travels throughout the United States to carry out its mission at locations such as Memphis, Tennessee; Newport, Rhode Island; Monterey, California; and of course, Boston.

"BGJI students will develop a clear understanding of the role of the artist in society and investigate how music can serve as a positive force in the community. By using music as a tool to promote intercultural, interracial, and social understanding; tolerance, and social values, they will become models in their communities.

— Patricia Zarate, BGJI outreach coordinator

Watch a clip of the BGJI ambassadors performing at the Monterey Jazz Festival.