Music and Health Hackathon: Nurturing Technical and Entrepreneurial Innovation

The Berklee Music and Health Institute is excited to partner with leading life science company MilliporeSigma and the Hacking Medicine Institute, a nonprofit affiliated with MIT Hacking Medicine, on a yearlong Music and Health Innovation Challenge. This initiative is designed to address key areas of need at the intersection of music and health, and to support new ideas, investigation, and product development in response to these challenge areas.

Throughout history, music has been connected to curative, therapeutic, and medical outcomes; this program will build on this understanding while approaching challenges through the lenses of music, technology, and health care.

The following opportunities are available to participants:

  • $60,000 in grant pool seed money for the most promising ideas
  • Extended incubation program and mentorship from teams of experts
  • Opportunity to appear at Boston's annual HUBweek

The featured event, a Music and Health Hackathon, was held on April 6 and 7 at District Hall in Boston’s Seaport District, with an opening reception at the Cambridge Innovation Center's Venture Cafe on April 5. The hackathon brought together a cross-section of professionals and students with music, technology, and health-care backgrounds who worked in teams to address how technology can be paired with music to impact health outcomes. Notable industry experts across all three fields served as mentors and judges for this competition, which was the first of its kind.

Challenges addressed at the hackathon included a diverse array of subjects relating to the important role that music can play in the innovation of technology for health and wellbeing, such as the treatment of chronic pain, creating safe spaces for patients with dementia, and utilizing music and technology to identify and address symptoms of increased stress, among other topics.

Watch this video to see what happened at the Music and Health Innovation Summit, where key experts and stakeholders in the fields of music, science, business, and biotechnology worked together to identify the critical music and health challenges posed to hackers at the Berklee Music and Health Hackathon:

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