Seoul Jazz Academy - Seoul, Korea


Seoul Jazz Academy is South Korea’s leading institute of contemporary music. The vision of the school is to create a place for contemporary musicians to study their craft with dignity and to holistically introduce all the possibilities of the music profession so that students may export music to the world.

Seoul Jazz Academy has been a member of the Berklee International Network (BIN) since 1998. BIN-track students complete a one-year diploma program followed by a six-month BIN-track program. The diploma program consists of four 12-week quarters with one-week breaks in between quarters. If the student can maintain a B average and is admitted to Berklee, they can transfer up to 60 credits toward a Berklee degree.

The faculty consists of 60 teachers who are active in their disciplines and devoted to the Academy’s more than 600 students. For more information on the Bin-track or other programs available at Seoul Jazz Academy, contact:

Seoul Jazz Academy
S.J.A. Building
39 Yun Gun-Dong
Jongro-ku, Seoul, 110-460
Phone: 011-822-766-7779
Fax: 011-822-742-1068