Berklee Global Partners

Berklee Global Partners is a collective of institutions around the world aligned by a common vision and mission. Our partners are grouped into four categories:

Academic Partners

Berklee's academic partners all have credit-transfer agreements that make it possible for artists to start their path to Berklee closer to home. 

Network Partners

Network partners collaborate with Berklee to host events, educational programming, auditions and interviews, career development initiatives, and more. Learn about our global network partners.

Affiliate Partners

Affiliate partners include those institutions, organizations, and individuals seeking to collaborate with Berklee through a specific program, project, or opportunity. Learn more about our affiliate partners.

Special Partnerships

Special partnerships include a variety of institutions currently under agreement with Berklee relating to cooperative or dual degrees, special programming, academic and/or business-related engagement, and other new opportunities. Learn about our global special partnerships.
Global Initiatives now delivers remote engagements. Review our 2020 report to learn more.

Also, view our Global Initiatives Fiscal Year reports for 2018 and 2017.

Find Our Partners Around the Globe

Our partners comprise institutions, organizations, and individuals representing a worldwide community whose goals are to seek out and develop innovative educational experiences, explore and engage in creating career pathways for performers, nurture entrepreneurial opportunities, support affordable pathways to higher education, and promote the Berklee Global Partners brand and reputation as the leader of performing arts education in the world.