Berklee on the Road (BOR)

Through its Berklee on the Road (BOR) programs, the college offers the opportunity to experience Berklee-style classes, typically over a three- to five-day period, closer to home. You'll explore music via lectures, labs, master classes, ensembles, workshops, jam sessions, special events, panel discussions, and live performances. It's a great way to help determine if additional music education at Berklee may be the right path for you.


BOR programs for the 2014–2015 cycle include:

Berklee in São Paulo


November 19-22, 2014 | São Paulo, Brazil

Learn what it takes to be a successful performing jazz and/or rock musician.

Berklee at Umbria Jazz Clinics

July 7-19, 2015 | Perugia, Italy

Spend two weeks improving your performance and music skills and attend the Umbria Jazz Festival.

Berklee in Santo Domingo


January 6-11, 2015 | Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Residents of the Dominican Republic are invited to develop the skills required of well-rounded contemporary musicians.

Berklee in Los Angeles: It’s All in the Song

July 20-24, 2015 | Santa Monica High School

Berklee in Los Angeles guides the aspiring musician in songwriting, stage performance, production, and the business of music.

Berklee in Cape Verde

April 9-10, 2015 | Praia, Cape Verde

This two-day performance program offers lectures, master classes, ensembles, and presentations taught in the Berklee methodology.

Berklee in Los Angeles: Performance Program

July 20-24, 2015 | Santa Monica High School

Learn to be the best you can in your chosen styles of contemporary music, from classical to pop, rock to jazz, and more.

Berklee in Puerto Rico

May 26-31, 2015 | Carolina, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico residents are invited to explore the Berklee method of music education, including theory, ear training, improvisation, performance, and more.

Berklee Latino

Locations in Mexico and Colombia

Este programa exclusivo te ofrece una oportunidad para explorar la música latina, composición, interpretación musical, y técnicas básicas de producción.

Berklee India Exchange

Clinics in Delhi and Mumbai

Take part in cultural conversations through artist residencies and musical collaborations celebrating the music of India.