SJA Music Institute—South Korea

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SJA Music Institute (SJA) is South Korea’s leading institute of contemporary music. Founded in 1995, it has been an academic partner in Berklee Global Partners since 1998. The institute holds various distinctions, including being the first applied music institution in Korea, the home institution of the first and youngest Asian-born student to receive a full Presidential Scholarship from Berklee College of Music, and the home institution of 8,000 graduates. Berklee faculty members and admissions representatives travel to South Korea on a regular basis to conduct auditions and interviews at SJA. Hundreds of candidates for Berklee have auditioned at SJA over the decades, and many SJA graduates are also Berklee alumni. 

SJA's vision is to create a place for contemporary musicians to study their craft with dignity and to holistically introduce all the possibilities of the music profession so that students may export music to the world. In addition to its quality education, renowned instructors, and fully furnished facilities, SJA has made an unrelenting effort to establish a broad network of well-connected graduates.

Visit the SJA website to learn more about the credit transfer pathway to Berklee.

About the Program

Students Who Entered SJA on or after September 1, 2022

Students Who Entered SJA Prior to September 1, 2022