Music Therapy Faculty

Donna Chadwick

Associate Professor, Music Therapy | 617-747-3068

Peggy Ann Codding

Professor, Music Therapy | 617-747-8678

"To mold the method to the client is central to the music at Berklee, and to be able to do that therapeutically is critical. "

Suzanne Hanser

Professor, Music Therapy | 617-747-2639

"Music has to come so naturally to the therapist that he or she can be totally with the client and tuned in to what he or she needs at the moment, totally empathizing and understanding not only what the person's saying, but what they're feeling."

Kathleen Howland

Professor, Music Therapy | 617-747-2791

"I think there's no higher use of our musical talents than the opportunity to reach somebody across the bridge of pathology."

Brian Jantz

Assistant Professor, Music Therapy | 617-747-3069

"My job is helping students understand that most of us as music therapists find our niche, we tend to specialize in a certain setting with a specific population, and that process needs to unfold over time."

Kimberly Khare

Assistant Professor, Music Therapy | 617-747-8609

"We're talking about the student understanding not only different diagnoses and populations, but understanding the person who's diagnosed with said conditions."

Chi Gook Kim

Assistant Professor, Music Therapy | 617-747-6148

"We have a relationship with Perkins School for the Blind. The BIRN is helping Perkins to build and run their radio station, and Music Therapy has an internship there. There's one sighted student taking my class, because he's interning at Perkins. He's learning Braille music, and he's very excited."

Michael Moniz

Associate Professor, Music Therapy | 617-747-8472

"Music therapy is healing through music. There are various ways that people can be helped through sound, through playing music, through making music, and through listening to music."

Karen Wacks

Professor, Music Therapy | 617-747-8474

"Any musician at Berklee—whether you're a therapist, performer, or educator—can learn to use their music for compassion."

Julie Buras Zigo

Associate Professor, Music Therapy | 617-747-8428

"Using music in clinically directed ways may decrease the isolation often experienced by someone with significant disabilities. Music therapists facilitate these opportunities."