Trans and Nonbinary Resources and Support

Berklee seeks to be a safe and inclusive campus community for all students, faculty, and staff. In consideration of academic success and wellbeing, and our ongoing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we ask that you take the time to acknowledge the diversity that exists within our community and, in particular, provide a safe and supportive space for transgender and gender-nonconforming community members. To ensure that our trans* community members are safe and supported, we have developed several resources, and we encourage you to become familiar with this information. In addition, we will sponsor several dialogues and trainings for those of you who want to learn more about the trans* community.

Below, you will find information and resources for transgender, genderqueer, or gender-nonconforming students, faculty, staff, and guests. This includes information on name changes and information about health insurance, inclusive housing options, inclusive restrooms, and additional resources at Berklee and on the internet.

To access student submission forms to change one's name, gender marker, or pronoun, please go to the Name, Gender Identity, and Gender Pronoun Update Form.

To access faculty and staff submission forms to change one's name, gender identity, or pronoun, please go to the Faculty/Staff Name Change and Gender Information Form.

Students, faculty, and staff can use the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition guide to work through the legal name change process. This guide also includes information on how to update your gender marker on legal documentation. 

Students who wish to change their legal names should contact the Office of the Registrar with legal documentation, such as an updated driver's license or birth certificate.