Schedule an Appointment

In the Office of Disability Services, we are here to answer your questions about procedures for registration with us, disability documentation, and academic, housing, and dietary accommodations. You can schedule an appointment to meet with either Ginny Perelson or Allie Kadell to discuss these topics, or with Tasha Chemel to discuss academic coaching. 

  • Ginny Perelson (for students who are new to Disability Services)
  • Allie Kadell (for students who are currently registered with Disability Services)
  • Tasha Chemel (for students participating in academic coaching)

If you would prefer a phone or Google Hangout meeting, when you schedule the appointment, please send an email to to let us know.

We look forward to meeting you!

Note that if you are unable to schedule an appointment online and must do it over the phone at 617-747-2387, the Center for Student Advising and Success front line can schedule the appointment for you.