Greeting Counter

The first place you'll stop on a visit to the Counseling and Advising Center is the greeting counter. A receptionist always staffs the counter. International and academic advisors may also be available there for Advising Express hours. It is always the goal of the greeters to make the center a safe and helpful environment for all Berklee students.


You must check in with the receptionist in order to see a counselor or advisor for an appointment. The receptionist is also available to assist students experiencing a personal crisis. Staff members are trained in screening and protocol so that students receive the personal assistance they need quickly and with respect for their privacy.

The receptionist also takes care of things that may not necessarily require consultation with a counselor or advisor, including:

  • Revalidating your I-20
  • Receiving optional/curricular practical training (O/CPT) materials
  • Picking up your I-20, O/CPT application/card, or other held items


Appointments are opportunities for students to have extended time with a counselor or advisor in a private office. They run for 30 or 45 minutes, depending on the student's needs and the counselor/advisor's availability. Generally, appointments are not made for the same day unless a student is experiencing a mental health emergency. Students may schedule an appointment by speaking with the receptionist.

Advising Express

Advising Express allows students to drop in without an appointment and get quick advice from academic and/or international advisors. It is designed to shorten the wait time to see an advisor while still giving each student the attention he/she deserves. During Advising Express hours, international and academic advisors meet with students at a greeting counter window.

In some cases, an advisor may determine that your question or concern would be better addressed with an appointment. The advisor will then make an appointment for you to come back.

Handouts and Brochures

The greeting counter staff have many types of printed information to help students connect to area resources and stay informed, whether they're trying to contact a consulate office, helping a friend get support for an alcohol issue, or just looking for their department chair's office.

The greeting area lobby has: