Counseling and Advising

Welcome to the Counseling and Advising Center (CAC) at Berklee. If you are a Berklee student, we are here to help support you in a variety of ways, such as via academic advising, first-year advising, international student advising, personal counseling, and disability services.

  • Greeting Counter Greeting Counter

    Whether you need to check in for an appointment with a counselor or advisor, schedule an appointment, or pick up and drop off forms, the Counseling and Advising Center greeting counter is your first stop.

  • Academic Advising Academic Advising

    In addition to Berklee's other academic resources, our team of academic advisors is available to ensure you are meeting all your educational objectives at Berklee. You can get help with planning your course schedule, declaring part-time status (domestic students), changing your program degree or diploma (domestic students), and resolving an academic concern.

  • Disabilty Services Disability Services

    Berklee is committed to helping students realize their full potential regardless of physical, learning, or psychological disabilities. Students can meet with Disability Services staff to determine eligibility for services, including part-time authorization, and to discuss how your disability may be impacting your studies. Staff can also help you to begin the process of obtaining reasonable accommodations, better understand your unique learning style, obtain a referral for an assessment by a qualified professional, or get help with course selection.

  • International Advising International Student Services

    Every international student with F-1 status at Berklee has an international advisor who provides professional advice and accurate information on immigration and employment topics and acts as a liaison between you and U.S. government agencies. This advisor can help you to revalidate your Form I-20 prior to traveling outside of the U.S., declare part-time status, change your degree/diploma program, understand how to maintain your immigration status, apply for optional practical training (OPT), and replace lost documents. For more, email

  • Personal Counseling Personal Counseling

    Professionally trained and licensed clinicians offer free, confidential service to all Berklee students. Personal counselors provide short-term counseling or a referral to a community practitioner, giving you an opportunity to receive help with depression and anxiety, stress management, relationship and family concerns, sexual assault or harassment, substance abuse, wellness, crisis intervention, and any other concern impacting your mental health.