Tuition-Free Summer Courses

Undergraduate students who were enrolled full-time in fall 2020 (12 or more credits) are eligible for two free courses (up to six credits), not to exceed $9,900 combined.

Undergraduate students who were enrolled part-time in fall 2020 (six to eleven credits) are eligible for one free course (up to three credits), not to exceed $4,750.

Students who did not attend fall 2020 or who were enrolled in fewer than six credits are not eligible to receive this benefit.

Here are more details about your free course(s):

  • The credit will automatically be applied to the highest value course(s); that is, three-credit courses will be credited before two-credit courses.
  • The courses should apply to your program requirements.
  • If you do not enroll in the summer 2021 semester, you may use your free courses in summer 2022. All free courses must be taken during one semester and cannot be split over the two summers.
  • Your credit may be applied towards tuition for your registered courses only and is not applicable to the comprehensive fee or other charges, nor is it eligible to be refunded.
  • Find out how this will show up on your billing statement

Students Who Graduated in Fall 2020 or Spring 2021

You are eligible for tuition-free credits based on your part-time or full-time fall 2020 enrollment. 

You may use your tuition-free courses for summer 2021 only, and you cannot use them for private instruction.

Webinar: Tuition-Free Summer Courses

Academic Advising, the Office of Student Accounts, and Student Financial Services held a webinar on March 30 to help you understand your options for the tuition-free courses and how they will impact your scholarships and financial aid.

Watch the webinar recording and view the slide deck.

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