Campus Accessibility Committee

The Berklee Campus Accessibility Committee ensures that all Berklee community members are provided equal access to the campus and all of its properties, services, and resources. In order to fulfill this mission, the committee will:

  • assist in the transitioning needs of community members with disabilities;
  • facilitate and coordinate support services for qualified individuals with disabilities;
  • promote access and awareness as a resource to all community members;
  • adhere to regulations set forth within the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973; and
  • advocate for positive learning, living, and working environments while preserving the independence and privacy of each individual with a disability or request for accommodation.

Campus Accessibility Committee Leadership

  • Allie Peltier, Director, Accessibility Resources for Students and 504 Coordinator
  • Andrew Murphy, Director, Emergency Management and ADA Coordinator for campus facilities
  • Jen Burke, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources, and ADA Coordinator for faculty and staff

Campus Accessibility Committee Membership

The Campus Accessibility Committee is comprised of members across the following departments:

  • Facilities
  • Student Affairs
  • Public Safety
  • ​Marketing and Communications
  • Berklee Faculty Union
  • Music Therapy Faculty
  • Student Body Representative