Accessibility on Campus

The following list of buildings is organized by level of accessibility. Any buildings on campus that are not listed below are fully accessible, outfitted with ramps or elevators. For a full list of buildings, visit the interactive campus map or download a campus map (pdf).

Not Accessible

These buildings are not accessible, which means there is no ramp or ground level access into these buildings.

  • 24  Fenway
  • 26 Fenway
  • 32 Fenway
  • 40 Fenway
  • 54 Fenway
  • 98 Hemenway Street
  • 264 Commonwealth Avenue
  • 266–270 Commonwealth Avenue
  • 169 Massachusetts Avenue
  • 171 Massachusetts Avenue
  • 181 Massachusetts Avenue

If you need to request alternative accommodations, email

Partially Accessible

These buildings include chairlifts or other assistive devices; however, some areas within these buildings are not accessible.

  • 22 Fenway
    • A chairlift is located inside the main entrance. Instructions for use are posted on the wall. A Berklee ID is required.
  • 31 Hemenway Street
  • 130 Massachusetts Avenue
  • 135 Massachusetts Avenue
  • 136 Massachusetts Avenue
  • 155 Massachusetts Avenue
    • There is elevator access to all floors. However, the musical instrument service center at 4 Haviland Street is not accessible.
  • 1140 Boylston Street
    • Use the west elevator to access the basement.

If you need to request alternative accommodations, email