Accessibility Improvements


8 Fenway

This project involved the following improvements:

  • Construction of an exterior sloped walkway
  • Reconfiguration of the main building entrance to provide an accessible path of travel
  • Two accessible restrooms added on the ground floor

Multiple Locations

  • Installation of code-compliant door handles, grab bars, and restroom fixtures
  • Lighting and paint modifications, which reduce glare and increase the contrast between walls and doorframes, made for individuals with visual impairments


​150 Massachusetts Avenue, Phase 2

This project involved the following improvements:

  • The reconfiguration of the building’s main entrance, the creation of a substantially expanded lobby area, and the relocation of the dormitory elevator access to the upper floors of the building, to facilitate access for students with disabilities to the residence hall
  • New accessible restrooms on levels A and B


150 Massachusetts Avenue, Phase 1 

This project involved the following improvements:

  • The installation of an ADA-compliant elevator and establishment of an accessible path of travel, both of which led to improved access to levels B, A, 1, and 2

1108 Boylston Street

  • Rehabilitated elevator, extended to the basement and sub-basement to provide access to practice rooms and student service space


Berklee Performance Center

  • Installation of automated door openers with push buttons on the exterior doors, affording improved access to the theater

161 Massachusetts Avenue

  • Replacement of a step into this academic and office building with a sloped ramp

Multiple Locations

  • Improvements to interior building signage throughout campus in compliance with applicable portions of Massachusetts state building code, enabling people with sight impairments to better identify individual rooms