Industry Trip: Atlanta

Your Spring Breakthrough

Tour the thriving entertainment and music industry capitol of the south that is the hub of R&B/hip-hop. Network in world-class recording studios, record labels, and legal offices with successful Berklee alumni singers, musicians, songwriters, engineers, lawyers, and publishers, and explore the city’s diverse local and international cultures.


Why Spend Spring Break in Atlanta?

  • Your career might live here: The music and film/TV industry in Atlanta is responsible for approximately 100,000 jobs and roughly $7.7 billion in earnings (sources: Atlanta Journal and Constitution,
  • You’ll have insider access: Berklee music production and engineering faculty Prince Charles Alexander and Jason Stokes will guide you through industry doors for unique hands-on learning and networking experiences.
  • You’ll explore a cultural center: A hotbed of hip-hop, R&B, and gospel, Atlanta has also become the “Hollywood of the South,” and you can immerse yourself in the city’s diverse cultural history during your trip.

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