Helping to Make Dreams Come True

“My goal is to be a professional performer but I don’t want to be an artist without a steady income, so I want to work in the business side as well. My dream job would be to do A&R at a label—to help someone else achieve their goals and dreams.”

Many of our students are first introduced to Berklee via our Five-Week Summer Performance Program. Though the program, they learn about our academic offerings, meet and perform with peers and faculty, and hit the ground running once they enroll at Berklee. Tickwanya Jones took an elective course, Introduction to Music Business, and promptly fell in love with the major. She’d be the first to tell you that we have something for everyone.

“I’m learning so much here. On the voice side, my teacher Diane Richardson has not only helped my technique, she teaches me how to take care of myself. On the business side, I’m more cautious now when I’m given a contract. Many artists are so eager to work that they get taken advantage of. I’m learning to think things through before making decisions.”

Tickwanya Jones ’16

Music business/management major and voice student