Student Government Council Members

President's Council

  • President: Kendall Marsh
  • Vice President of the College: Jeremy Saunders
  • Vice President of the Conservatory: Michael Hicks
  • Executive Assistant: Jaclyn Chylinski
  • Internal Relations: Cherie Choo
  • Treasurer: Caitlyn Thornton

SGA Representatives

  • Conservatory Theater Representative: Harley Seger
  • Conservatory Music Representatives: Peyton Cook
  • Conservatory Dance Representatives: Laila Franklin, Katherine Gow
  • Composition and Jazz Composition Representative: Liu Zishi
  • Film Scoring and Contemporary Writing and Production Representative: Corey Dixon
  • Music Education and Music Therapy Representative: Madison Harper
  • Songwriting and Performance Representative: Alexandra Maes
  • International Representative: Herongjia Han
  • SGA Staff Advisor: Anna Takahama

For information on becoming a representative or council member, visit SGA's Get Involved page.