Student Government Board Members

Executive Board

  • President: Christa Duggan
  • Conservatory Vice President: Sean McManus
  • College Vice President: Hallie Kaszas
  • Executive Assistant: Jackson Grove
  • Student Programming and Outreach Representative: Taylor Thomas
  • Treasurer: Julia Ross
  • International Representative: Derek Song
  • Communities Representative: Scarlet Baker
  • Student Life Liaison: Nick Kitsopoulos

SGA Representatives

  • Conservatory, Theater Division: Alondra Perez and Melissa Aliotta
  • Conservatory, Dance Division: Kaitlin Bachman and Adrian Ruiz
  • Conservatory, Music Division: Harold Rivas and Vaughn Nesmith 
  • Professional Writing and Technology Division: Sierra Cornell and Fisher Thompson
  • Professional Education Division: Trinity Reyes-Escobar and Idalis Irizarry
  • Professional Performance Division: Lily Marie Antonini (Lil-E)

For information on becoming a representative or council member, visit SGA's Get Involved page.

SGA Advisor: Meagan Hart-Molloy