Sarah Kinsley / Gatlin

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Red Room at Cafe 939
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Sarah Kinsley is a musician as adept at writing as she is at singing, as she is at performing, and as she is at producing. An otherworldly talent, you can join the dots between her earliest singles (2019’s "Wine-Stained Lips" and "Open Your Eyes"), her first body of work (2020’s The Fall EP), and her most recent micro-opus (2021’s The King EP)—all confident stepping-stones that flicker like disco floor lights that find Sarah skipping through a range of different colors, textures, and tones. From her home studio in Connecticut to her dorm in New York City, hers is ethereal, left-field bedroom pop with heart and soul.

This year’s The King EP is one of those "moreish" records that you can’t and won’t switch off. As a body of work, it encapsulates the different textures, inspirations, colors, and flavors of Kinsley's output to date. Melody-rich and poetic, these are songs for Saturday nights and songs for Sunday mornings. They're beats-driven, guitar-kissed, synth-painted. Dig beneath the surface and you’ll hear words of resonance, honest and true. Kinsley is a story teller, a romantic, a realist, and a dreamer.

And if the somewhat disappointing statement stands that only two percent of ‘women in music’ are producers, and fewer still produce their own music, Kinsley competently joins this unique stable of self-produced pop artists, and let’s hope she opens the doors for others.

A singular new talent for these strange, fascinating times: Sarah Kinsley. Remember the name.

Gatlin combines instinctual humanity with daring vulnerability to craft musical moments of meaning and melody. Originally from Orlando, Florida, but now splitting her time between Los Angeles and Nashville, Gatlin's versatility stems from the wide variety of musical scenes that she has immersed herself in. From themes of nostalgic love in "What If I Love You" to feelings of isolation in "Talking to Myself," Gatlin provides an emotional safe haven for any and all listeners. 

Nobody has a more natural poise on stage than Gatlin does when she is performing. Her electrifying shows engage a crowd like no other and have earned her opening slots for artists such as Michigander, Bre Kennedy, Jordy Searcy, Vacation Manor, and Okey Dokey. She recently completed a tour as the opening act for the Brook & the Bluff and capped off February opening for Dashboard Confessional in a sold-out show in Los Angeles. 

Gatlin released her debut EP, Sugarcoated, in summer 2020. The EP features the single, "Talking To Myself," which has garnered over 5.7 million streams to date. Gatlin's first releases quickly earned her support across all DSPs, including placements on Spotify's "Fresh Folk," "Indie Pop," and "Fresh Finds." Her sophomore EP, To Remind Me of Home, was released in the summer of 2021 and featured the breakout track, "What If I Love You." Gatlin's latest single, "2000 Miles," was released on March 16.