Ailbhe Reddy / Vivi Rincon

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Red Room at Cafe 939
939 Boylston Street
United States

A much-needed aural tonic for an extended emotional hangover, Irish alt-folk artist Ailbhe Reddy is preparing to release her highly anticipated second album, Endless Affair. Inspired by her romantic relationships and her fractured memories of many a fun night spent partying in her early 20s, the record is a tender exploration of emotional resilience that sees Reddy embrace the fact that—in her own words—she’s “an absolute melt” when it comes to letting things go.

Written and recorded between January 2019 and October 2020, Reddy paired up with producer Tommy McLaughlin (who also worked on her debut album, Personal History) to co-produce the follow-up. She relished the opportunity to have more input and create a truly rounded sound on Endless Affair, which maintains the raw spirit of her debut, but showcases a development in her intuitive talent for writing songs that continue to tap into both a personal and universal vein.

Whether she’s scrutinizing her hungover reflection on the opening track, “Shitshow,” feeling the walls closing in on “Last to Leave,” or admiring the unique way the light defines her partner’s body on “Shoulderblades,” Reddy’s skill for revisiting a moment and making it more poignant—or more painful—is one that softens and shrinks the heart at unexpected intervals throughout the record.


As a half-Mexican, half-Venezuelan queer woman, Vivi Rincon grew up appreciating the diversity of her hometown Houston, Texas. Heading to Berklee College of Music, the singer-songwriter met her girlfriend and eventual musical collaborator, Rachel Caridi. The 21 year old found viral success on TikTok after posting her debut single “if we lived on the moon," produced by Caridi. The heartfelt ballad, a vulnerable confession of Rincon's struggles as a queer woman, amassed an astonishing 1.3 million views. Her most recent release, an EP called “crash landing," explores the beauty and struggles of being in a relationship and being in love.